Monday, October 29, 2012

Columbia Tower Club

The Tallest Building in Seattle
The Tippy Top

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I've been wanting to see the Columbia Tower Club for years, even though I've heard that the men's restrooms are not nearly as interesting as the women's. And I've tried to get a tour of the women's restroom the official way (rather than being snuck in by a member, as so many people have suggested) and they didn't even answer my inquiry. How rude!

Luckily, I have people.

I met Jen back when she was the Captain of Making It Happen at Hotel Max. She is now the Seattle Community Manager for Uber, letting us all know each week what's awesome to do in town and providing us with the slickest way to get there and back. I've been a big fan of their towncars since they arrived in Seattle a year ago.

What did I get in my Facebook messages today? Two excellent photos.

Columbia Tower Club

How could you sit on such a throne and not feel like the queen of the world? The master of all you survey? You couldn't.

Columbia Tower Club

I'm always saying restrooms need a little lounge outside, and it seems like with one this fabulous, there may not even need to be a main room to the club. Maybe someday I'll get a chance to see for myself. Thanks, Jen!

And if you haven't joined Uber yet, use the SeaWC referral for a $10 credit when you take your first ride!