Monday, August 2, 2010

Icon Grill
1933 5th Ave

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One of the first friends I made when I moved to Seattle worked at Icon Grill and gave me a gift certificate so my partner and I could come by and see her during dinner. From just about the moment I walked in, it became my new favorite restaurant in my new hometown. The entire place is like an Easter basket full of eye candy, decorated in a clever mish-mash of glass art, tour posters, and old lamps. There's an Almond Roca wrapper color scheme at work as well, which had to be challenging to pull off.

Over the years, I developed a fierce taste for Vietnamese, so Icon was bumped from my number 1 spot, but has earned its place in my harem and is always a good choice for happy hour. In fact, if you've never been, you should start with happy hour and check out the menu over a couple of drinks.

One could argue that Icon was at the forefront of the "fancy bathroom" movement with their magical, musical men's room. If you're having any trouble getting started, they've provided help in the form of videos of babbling brooks, crashing waves, and other water features, which you can see in the mirrors above the urinals. I hope someone comments telling me the name of the music that plays along with the videos. It's something we've all heard in a hundred commercials but I just don't know what it's called.


I love framed art in bathrooms, especially artifacts like tour posters.


One thing has changed over the years. They used to keep the bathroom stocked with hand towels and have made the switch to paper. I'm sure whoever had to wash them is relieved.


The upstairs area where the bathrooms are located is funny. There's one table, all by itself, a private dining room, and a waiting area with a nice chair. I'm always saying that more bathrooms need these waiting areas, even though they aren't terribly useful if the bathrooms aren't single occupancy.


The waiting area looks like a good place to make a quick phone call, but I forgot to check to see if there's still a "no cell phones" sign in front. All the pictures here were taken with one, so the entire post might be a huge faux pas.

There have been rumors over the years that Icon would be closing, and looking at the rest of the block, one can see that they are running on borrowed time. If the housing market hadn't tanked right when it did, there may already be new condos in its place. I'm not going to worry until I hear something official, and in the meantime I'll enjoy it as part of my vanishing history in Seattle.