Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bathrooms Immortalized

When the 500 block of East Pine was shut down and torn down (only to be replaced with nothing) we lost some very cool bathrooms. Projects like this blog can only do so much to show what infamous bathrooms like the ones at the original Pony or Bus Stop became. I hoped at the time that the walls at Bus Stop would turn up in chunks in a rubble pile we could pick from, but I doubt anyone even thought at the time to snap a comprehensive set of photos.

That's why a project like this recreation of the bathroom at CBGB fascinates me so much. How often do you get a chance to visit an old favorite place that no longer exists? Sure, we can take a tour of Kennedy's Air Force One, but what about the neighborhood dive with the strangely compelling collection of bumperstickers and toys?

For now your best bet is to get pictures while you can.

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