Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bathtub Gin & Co.
2205 2nd Ave
(enter on West side)

Yelp / Stranger

The "fake speakeasy" craze in Seattle hasn't stopped yet. I'd never been to any, mostly because they're trendy and I hate crowds. A lot. But a good friend wanted to meet up for her birthday at Bathtub Gin, so I found myself there a couple of Fridays ago.

I definitely recommend checking it out, just not on a Friday or Saturday. We were there ten minutes after it opened that day, and it was already full. It's a cool space, though, with exposed brick walls and a decorative tin ceiling. Three rooms are split between two levels, and the bathroom is tucked away downstairs in a corner. They did an excellent job in there.

I really, really love wallpaper like this.


This is probably just a storage closet, but I like to pretend it leads to a casino or brothel.


I didn't get a picture, but there's a miniature bathtub in the bar, making it the only bar I know of in Seattle that brings the bathroom out of the bathroom.

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