Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Saint

1416 E Olive Way
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It's one of those places I'd meant to go to for years. I could tell by looking through the windows that The Saint was making much better use of the space than Wing Dome did years earlier. About twice as much seating, I'd estimate. My hairdresser had even told me I should go in to see the bathroom for my blog.

We were actually supposed to meet some friends at a different location before seeing the Dina Martina Christmas Show this year, but got a text on our way down saying that there was a strange odor there. I had them meet us at The Saint instead, and it was the first visit for all four of us. Coincidentally, a good friend's girlfriend I've met a few times was working there. And! My hairdresser walked by and I managed to jump up and meet him outside for a minute, though he wasn't able to join us for a drink.

The Saint will always make me a little sad because my ex who passed away really loved tequila, and it's a tequila lover's dream. He would have really loved it. So when I go, I'll have some tequila in his honor. And of course I'll feel much better, because that's what tequila does.

We had some excellent drinks and snacks, and then I had to get to work because it turns out there are two bathrooms. Impressive for a venue that size.


My favorite bathrooms have tons of mirrors and shiny surfaces. They're also really hard to photograph. I shouldn't have even used the photo above, but it illustrates my point. Hard to focus, you can see me four times. I couldn't find anywhere to stand where I wasn't in the shot. But it's really pretty.


There I am again. Sorry. So, there are two bathrooms and one's pink and one's blue, but they're both unisex. I really do prefer single occupant unisex bathrooms in bars. It's easier to take pictures in them, among other reasons. The blue bathroom's got storage in it, and I always like that. It just feels so organized and smart. 

 I need to go back. A margarita (rocks and salt) sounds really good.

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