Thursday, July 28, 2011


927 Ninth Ave
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One of my biggest regrets is not having spent more time at Vitos when I lived nearby on Boren. It was especially cool back then with its op-art wallpaper and cheesy mirrors. It was also inexpensive, divey, and mysterious. Sitting in one of their booths made you feel like you'd missed something naughty, either by years or hours.

I felt especially guilty when they closed. You know how it is. There's a cool place in the neighborhood, you don't go there as much as you should, you don't take people there, and then it's gone. You may not have been the problem, but you definitely weren't part of the solution. It happens.

Needless to say, I'm glad it's back. The new interior is stunning, too. It's gone from mobster shabby chic to an upscale cocktail lounge with fine dining, which was a smart move. The lounge menu (half price during happy hour!) is really great, too.


I really only have a few things to say about the men's room. It's small, but big enough. The tile is gleaming and perfect. And, they have my favorite kind of urinals.


Seriously, why can't all urinals be like this? I get that they use twice as much material and it's a bigger installation job, but anyone at any height can use them. And have you ever seen the floor below typical urinals in, say, a busy office building? So nasty. So, good for them for having this kind. Classic. Perfect. And there's a nice spot to put your drink.

Also, if you used to go to Vito's, and were wondering if the naked lady is still in there, it is. Can anyone tell me if there's a classy naked tile gentleman in the other bathroom?

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  1. I love Vito's! I feel so fancy and badass when I go in there. Especially while sitting at the bar, looking at the beautiful, well groomed bartenders. Now, scouting the naked man can be my other reason to go there soon.

    Don't get the quiche on the lounge menu though. Very dry.