Thursday, August 25, 2011

1000 E. Pike

I could tell, even before going, that Poquitos has a very good chance at a long, successful run, mainly because it's got something Capitol Hill really lacks: spacious outdoor seating. Sure, you can find two or three tables outside certain places, but they're usually on the sunny side of the street, and nothing separates you from the passersby other than a chain or the back of your friend's chair. Not very pleasant. But Poquitos built out a huge deck in what used to be just a few parking spaces.


It's covered and enclosed, too. Very nice. I finally had a chance to check it out the other day when Kat from Barbie Dream Hearse suggested meeting up to give me the t-shirt I ordered instead of mailing it. I jumped at the chance to finally have a female operative to send into the bathroom. But first, tacos and cocktails.

The food isn't cheap, but I wouldn't expect it to be. It's a big, gorgeous space in a very expensive neighborhood, so they've got bills to pay. People always say that they don't want to pay $9 for three tacos or $5 for a hot dog at Po Dog, and to them I say, stay home! When you go out to eat or drink, you're not only paying for the food, you're paying the rent, the salaries of the people who work there, and every other cost associated with running a business. If you don't think it's worth it, buy some Rosarita and take it home, and make room for people with social lives.

But I digress.

The men's room at Poquitos is obviously part of the buildout and is in very good shape. It suffers a little bit design-wise from having to mix modern fixtures which they have to have with the classic style that they want, but it looks nice enough in spite of that.


One thing they do have, which I've never seen, is a peephole at the entrance. Cute.


I sent Kat into the women's restroom with my camera. She said it wasn't very different from what I had said about the men's, so she decided to take pictures of herself. I'm curious about the chair. Men don't get a chair.


It looks like Koala Kare got wind of the fact that people were making their products into baby hanging stations and decided to change the logo. Too bad.


Poquitos is beautiful inside and out, and I suggest you hire Barbie Dream Hearse for a night and make it your dinner stop.

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