Monday, August 10, 2009

Bus Stop
1522 E. Olive way

Originally located on everyone's favorite block, Bus Stop didn't take long to become a neighborhood favorite. The secret to its success was a simple formula: good music, friendly people, strong drinks, Jolly Ranchers, and graffiti. Just over a year after the original location closed, Bus Stop rose again on Olive Way, with better artwork, nicer tables, and a longer bar to pull up to and chat with the bartenders.

IMG_0278 IMG_0277

You know how you occasionally find a wall where some lucky kids from a nearby school were allowed to paint a big mural? The bathrooms at Bus Stop are the adult version. Bring a Sharpie and wear your drinking shoes, because you'll have a fabulous time trying to think of something funny enough to draw or write on the walls. I didn't notice until taking pictures today that penis drawings are the go-to gimmick when all else fails, so maybe try to think of something else.

Bus Stop has two bathrooms, and they're both unisex. This is ideal for me, because I was able to enter both and photograph them. I think customers are also happier with this arrangement because nobody waits in line for one bathroom because they aren't allowed in the other.

I was there the night my friend Tiffany christened the new location with its first graffiti, and you can find me there often, because Bus Stop is the ideal neighborhood bar.


  1. I'm sure the owners of the bar appreciate your scriblling all over their walls, douchebag.

  2. Actually, they do, and they will lend you a Sharpie if you ask.