Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Regal Meridian 16
1501 7th Ave

The men's room at the Meridian actually isn't particularly great. It's inconveniently located on the mezzanine between the two theater floors and isn't particularly clean at times. And while there are four XLERATOR hand dryers, usually only two work at a time by my estimate. But if you were on a pilgrimage to see the face of Jesus or Michael Jackson in a tortilla or tree trunk, you wouldn't have very high expectations of anything but the miracle itself.

That's why I see fit to include the Meridian men's room here. Ceiling Cat and Jeff Goldblum's fellow watcher, Wall Cat, lives there.

Wall cat is watching you pee

To find him, enter the men's room, turn left, and stop at the first urinal. He'll be on your right-hand side, keeping an eye out for trouble while you pee.

I'd like to thank my friend Marvin for making this post possible. I'd seen Wall Cat before and forgotten him, and one of Marvin's blog posts made me realize I'd seen something very important without even realizing.

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