Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hotel Max
620 Stewart St

I started following @hotel_max on Twitter several months ago because Jen, their Captain of Makin' it Happen, knows how to make the best use of social media. Following her is a good way to find out about fun things to do in Seattle, because she's just as interested in promoting the city and other local businesses as she is in promoting the hotel itself.

I went to the second Hotel Max tweetup on June 15th, which was held in Red Fin's bar. The drinks were strong, the appetizers were tasty, and Jen was a fun hostess. It was also great to get a tour of the hotel, because it's one huge gallery; there are over 350 original works of art, and each room's door is a huge picture. Search "hotel max" on flickr and you'll find thousands of photos, because it's the kind of place where you almost can't get a bad picture. When I started this blog, I knew I'd have to come back for some bathroom photos.


Jen was nice enough to meet me again yesterday and stand guard at the women's bathroom door so I could sneak in and get some shots.



I had a bit of a revelation, though. Women's bathrooms are inherently less interesting than men's because so much is hidden away in stalls. Plus, urinals are just plain interesting, and they don't get any. The men's room has 'em, and is quite posh.


If you're worried about fish breath after sushi in the bar, they have mouthwash.


They have an outlet for your electric razor and flat iron.


It's also the only bathroom I recall seeing which has fixtures that actually protrude from the mirrors.


Hotel Max is an excellent downtown spot for food and drinks, an overnighter, or a home base for out-of-towners. Take advantage of their Twitter rate and see for yourself!

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  1. Next time I need my hair flat ironed on the run I'm so going here!