Friday, December 25, 2009

The Living Room
1355 E Olive

The concept behind The Living Room is one I really get. A lot of us living on Capitol Hill and downtown have studios and end up going out to area bars with our friends to escape from the tiny rooms where we eat, sleep, and sometimes even work from home. Monika Proffitt understood that we all need a living room, even if it's just so we can get away with leaving our beds unmade.


I was worried as I headed over last night that the bathroom would be a little too Christmassey and that I'd end up with a holiday post instead of one that was representative of how great the bathroom there normally looks. Only a couple of strings of lights were added, along with a couple of tastefully large ornaments. It looks great in there.



You can tell Monika is really enjoying running this business when you meet her. And you will meet her, because she's around quite often and is very friendly. And I must say I was impressed last night when I messaged her via Twitter to make sure the bar would actually be open last night and got an answer right away.

They're closed today for Christmas, but after today you can visit every day from 4pm until closing time, with happy hour every day until 7pm. Last night, I finally got to try one of the new meat and cheese plates, which was so good that I was kind of sad to be sharing it.

I didn't travel for Christmas this year and definitely miss my family. However, my boyfriend, my friends, and the fun we're having around town make me realize that I actually am home for the holidays.

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